This is the program that clears the way for energy to move and provides the open channels for energy to flow unimpeded so that the body can do its’ own miraculous work.  Trauma is any energy that is in the way of our bodies ability to service itself in the way that Spirit intended.  It’s the drain cleaner for the energetic pipes so to speak! You would use the Trauma Animal Style for working on an animal and Trauma People Style for working on a human.  These are the programs that you would use to start any process in the Whole Life System.  Happy shifting!

This is the core communication program for people in the Whole Life Communication System and will address health from a perspective of clearing any trauma (energy that is stuck in the aura or energy fields) and shift it allowing for a healthy and strong auric field.  When the energy fields around the body are clear and healthy, your body will follow suit.  This program will allow you to communicate with your body and find out what needs to be addressed to restore perfect energetic health.  The other Trailblazing Communications LLC programs that are needed will be called in when needed to help address whatever issues are part of the imbalance.  Utilizing all the Trailblazing Communications programs provides you with a whole life communication system to help you live a happy and healthy life.