This is the program that addresses birth marks, the ones that we can physically see on our bodies and also the ones that are inside our bodies.  It could be a left over injury from another existence or an emotional heartbreak from our childhood.  It could be a trauma to our body from an accident, injury or vaccination.  Anything that affects our body in a way that does not nurture it can leave a birthmark, emotionally, physically or spiritually.

This Trailblazing Communications program is designed to help you get clarity and clearing on what energies may be hiding in your energy field via birth marks external and internal. Birth marks are left over traumatic energy from experiences we have had before, either in this lifetime or others. 

Birth marks can also happen internally and those we would not be as inclined to know that they are there. With this program those will be uncovered and cleared right along with the ones that we can see.

We will also be given guidance on the people and animals that are connected to these experiences so that we will be able to embrace and honor those individuals for the gifts that they bring to our lives. 

We will be able to clearly see that there is no such thing as coincidences when it comes to who crosses our paths.

People and animals are in our lives for a reason or a season. The lessons and gifts are many.