This is the program to use to help adjust, clear or shift any relationship that is not working in the way you want it to into something that serves you and your life in a much smoother or better way.  Everything is a relationship so the sky is the limit.  It could be your relationship to an idea, your body, food, money, your neighbor, your spouse, paying taxes, a thought pattern and so much more!  But remember you are working on your side of the relationship and not someone else’s.  You can work on others relationships but only with their permission so be mindful of those things called boundaries.

You have heard the saying the world is your mirror? This program will help you look in the mirror that is your life and gain awareness of what is not working and then help you shift it.  When you shift your side of any relationship, the whole thing shifts. 

You can address your relationship with your family, friends, children, and your relationship to abundance, your body, food, money, the relationship between two pets, and the relationship between your children or many others. 

You hold the power to make your life what you would like it to be and can facilitate any change you seek to make and this program will assist you in doing so.