This is the program to be used to communicate with people who are non-verbal.  You can also communicate with your higher self/soul, your body or someone else’s.  You can use this one to find out the underlying cause to a health issue, what your soul is here to do, what is your God-given gift and so much more!

This program is the foundational program for the Whole Life Communication System for People.  This program is a tool for you to easily and effortlessly communicate with anyone who may be unable to communicate verbally for any reason. 

You could use this tool to find out why your baby will not stop crying, all the way to speaking with your loved one who may have had a stroke.  

You can also use this tool to speak with a part of yourself that you are unable to directly tap into to find out what your body may be trying to tell you with an ache or pain etc. 

This program will also be essential for finding out your course of direction for some of the complimentary programs such as Freedom Style.