This is the program that is used to clear issues of any kind that may be a bit layered.  The ones that we may have had for a long time or maybe even brought through an ancestor in a family dynamic or pattern.  It is a focused experience to help you rid yourself of virtually anything that you would like freedom from as in a belief system, a habit, a pattern, a health issue and so much more!

This Trailblazing Communications program is designed to help you get clarity and clearing on what it is in your life via old and new Karmic energies that are not working for you and holding you back.  You will be able to identify what the karmic issues are, clear and remove them.

What will be left after the clearing will be the learning and lessons that karma is meant to teach, just without the drama or the acting it out. It is not always true that what you don’t know cannot hurt you. Often it is what we don’t know that is underneath our reactions to things in life that feel out of control.

Once you have that insight and the ability to shift it, it becomes visible and changeable.