Home Style

This is the program that is used to clear issues of any kind that may be a bit layered.  The ones that we may have had for a long time or maybe even brought through an ancestor in a family dynamic or pattern.  It is a focused experience to help you rid yourself of virtually anything that you would like freedom from as in a belief system, a habit, a pattern, a health issue and so much more!

The home style program was developed to help demystify and simplify how to energetically take care of our home environments. When our home or foundation is off, everything in our lives can be off. This program will also help you naturally and effortlessly be able to rid your premises of unwanted animal visitors often referred to as pests. This will eradicate the need for chemicals or harsh measures that are not only deadly to the animals but to us as well.

It is my hopes that you will become proficient in using this program to help you and your family live healthy happy and connected lives. This program in no way is meant to replace other needs and services that may come up for your home or dwelling or for you or your family. It is meant to help you keep the energy in your home clean, clear and feeling it’s ultimate best. This will allow all the inhabitants to feel and function at a higher level.

When you first get your program it is advised that you watch the instructional video and practice with your pendulum before taking on your first home clearing. This is a technique that requires practice to gain proficiency and to be able to trust what you are getting. You can follow the flow chart that accompanies your program for further information and direction.

It is my hopes that you utilize this program to keep the energies in your home and life clear and the frequency high to sustain a wonderful, healthy and fulfilling life.