Freedom Style

This is the program that is used to clear issues of any kind that may be a bit layered.  The ones that we may have had for a long time or maybe even brought through an ancestor in a family dynamic or pattern.  It is a focused experience to help you rid yourself of virtually anything that you would like freedom from as in a belief system, a habit, a pattern, a health issue and so much more!
This is a program to help you focus in on what it is in your life that you would like to ask for freedom from. It could be a way of being, a thought pattern, a belief system, a habit, a health condition; the choices are as vast and unique as we are. If you are having difficulty deciding what it is that you would like freedom from, I would advise utilizing one of our other programs, “People Style,” and asking your subconscious through this program what it would like freedom from.

Once you have decided what it is that you want freedom from, you will want to print off one of the worksheets to follow and fill out.

If you are wanting freedom from something for your animal companion you will have to decide what that is and then go to the syncing chart in the freedom program and with your pendulum ask….”show me who (the animal’s name,) is syncing up with energetically with this situation, condition or issue. The chart will give you the answer. Once you have the answer then you will need to approach that person to ask them to commit to working on the issue with the animal. They would fill out the worksheet for that person and follow the regular instructions for doing so except the person, not the animal would both wear a freedom pendant.

You can work on the Freedom Style Program and the Origin Program at the same time, but will need to wear both pendants.