Business Style

This is the program to be used to clear the energy in your business to support the work, employees and clients you serve.  You can adjust the frequency to attract new business, the right clients and retain good employees.  You can use this program as a business coach to garner logo decisions, product modifications, additions or changes, design a workshop, class or experience.  You can use to find out how to decorate your store, workspace or area to support whatever goals you are trying to meet. Clear unwanted pests such as mice or bugs or for that matter, employees that are not doing their job.  It really is limited by your creativity.
This program will help aid you in giving guidance and direction for your work and business lives.  It will provide you with the means to energetically take care of your business and work environment so that you can thrive in what you do.  When the energy of our foundations are strong, clear and balanced, that will translate to all the other areas of your life as well.  This is also a complimentary program to the Whole Life Communication System.