Edie Falco

Edie Falco

Hollywood Actress

“I’ve worked with Tara Argall on a number of occasions over the years. She has helped me to better understand and care for the animals in my life. Tara has an uncanny ability to tap into the higher intelligence of those who cannot speak for themselves, both human and animals.  In her programs, Trailblazing Communications, “Animal Style and “People Style,” she has painstakingly mapped out the steps through which each of us can learn to do the same.  With this work, there is tremendous potential to change lives.  I would highly recommend taking a look!”

Awesome Client

Awesome Client

Mother of Son who has Autism

We started sessions for Henry in May, he would not wear his pendant as a necklace so I started by placing it under his pillow. After a couple of weeks I put the pedant on a safety pin and pinned it inside the pocket of his shorts, if his shorts did not have pockets I would pin it at the waistband beneath the tag. I tried to hide the pendant so he wouldn’t find it and take it off.

One of his first sessions worked around a life statement of not feeling safe. This was particularly interesting because construction had started at the school and there was loud sawing and hammering right outside his classroom.
The summer months brought changes to Henry’s schedule: the end of school, going to daycare full time, starting summer school. He was not handling these transitions well. He would be exhausted when we got home in the afternoons.

Sessions reflected a lot of what we, as parents, suspected was going on. Some of these were very difficult to hear, feelings of jealousy, being stifled, not being seen, disheartened, and more. Clearing vaccine ingredients was angering and enlightening for us.

After clearing vaccine ingredients that were affecting his bladder we made progress on potty training! We aren’t 100% yet, but I feel like the end is finally in sight.

More sessions related directly to issues with daycare. Henry was continuing to have a really hard time at daycare. Since the sessions brought to light soo many of these issues I altered my schedule to allow more time for Henry to be at home with me and his siblings.

As the sessions continued, and we adjusted his routine and diet (he wanted tomato juice), Henry began sleeping better and was able to better control his emotions.

In June Henry started asking me to tell him bedtime stories, ones that I would have to make up on the spot. He had never done that before, he initiated the conversation and asked for imaginative play with another person.
I feel more in tune to Henry’s emotions than I was before. I trust my intuition more. The sessions confirmed things I had been feeling but didn’t feel confident enough to act on. Now I trust those thoughts and feelings as soon as they arise.

By August it was apparent that our daycare situation was not going to improve, but school would be starting soon so we would just tough it out.

We had some exciting improvement with Henry in August. He built a scene with his dinosaurs, then sought me out to ask me to come look at them. He then proceeded to tell me about the dinosaurs, where they were, and what was going on with them and the people in his dinosaur park. When I asked him questions about it he responded appropriately, and in full sentences. It was a tremendous day.

After some behavioral and communication ups and downs we got serious about cutting screen time, and got rid of YouTube entirely. Usually this would result in at least an hour of total meltdown. Instead we had a five to ten minute meltdown. His meltdowns and tantrums have reduced tremendously.

Henry now loves to go grocery shopping so he can pick out his own snacks. He has begun to try new foods at home, this is an area that will continue to need work.

He is also interacting more with his siblings and kids at school and daycare. He wants to play with them. He has grasped the concepts of tag and hide-and-seek, and loves to play them with his sister. He has begun imaginative play, before the sessions he would only recreate play from things he had seen in videos. His communication skills and his understanding has increased.

Courtney E.

Courtney E.

In addition to our excitement of finally moving, I am over the moon excited to update my friends and family about the state of my back. As I’m sure most already know, I have severe idiopathic scoliosis. For those who have been physically present in my life in over the past 10 years, I know at one point or another those people have seen the condition dictate and restrict my life from understandable things such as heavy lifting, to unimaginable things like crawling from my front door to my bed after work because the pain wouldn’t allow me to stay upright after most shifts. With the levels of pain I experienced in the past, it is with the most excitement and gratitude that I thank the wonderful Tara Argall for helping me move all the way from Fargo, North Dakota to Denver, Colorado. No, she didn’t come with. She didn’t pack up any boxes. She introduced me to Trailblazing Communications. In January she started treating my pain through energy shifting. Before this, I couldn’t drive more than an hour (sometimes less) without severe pain. My family is truly having the hardest time wrapping their heads around the fact that I not only packed and have been lifting heavy boxes/furniture over the past week, but that I was able to drive all the way out here without back pain. If I never had the pleasure of meeting her and experiencing her amazing work, I honestly don’t think I would have ever been able to move this far. Tara has truly given me a new life and the greatest gift anyone could ever have given to me. I am forever thankful for you and the work you do through Trailblazing Communications.



“Thank you Marilyn and Trailblazing Communications! With your help, programs, and Divine team my house just had an energy upgrade – and so did I! Switching my home frequency from -50 to +50 and then gradually up to +96 has been like the ultimate spring cleaning. I felt the effects personally as I was suddenly inspired and motivated to step away from my computer, get off the couch and do a number of big home improvement projects in a very short period of time.  I work at uplifting my personal frequency and it feels great to have my home frequency in alignment with my own.”

Krystyne Frandson

Awesome Client

Last Spring, I was approached and asked to participate in a study Tara was conducting. Over the course of several months, she seemed to be able to tap into several complicated layers of both my physical and mental health. Each time she worked on me, I became extremely emotional and then felt a sudden clarity about various aspects of my life… without even knowing she was working on me until after the fact. Since these sessions started, I’ve become more in tune with my needs, have rediscovered my worth and have noticed marked improvements in my health and relationships. I have more to do, but I’m very thankful to have been part of this study.

Krystyne Frandson
Awesome Client

Awesome Client

Recent Class Participant

“I am the most stubborn person you will ever meet, period. I’m not exaggerating, it’s just a fact. You have to know this from the beginning.

Marilyn and I were having coffee together a few years ago, looking back, I have no doubt she could feel the purpose for our visit. She was just passing through town on her way home and we met, just to catch up on life. For me, it was more than a “Hey, it’s been so long, let’s get together!”, in the back of my mind, I knew I needed to talk to her about something in my life I have never discussed with anyone. You see, I have always known I have been a bit different, but was afraid to talk about it with anyone, because, let’s be honest, it is taboo to a lot of people. I was scared shitless, but after I saw her husband, Dean, post about his gifts to help others on Facebook, I knew I could trust her.

Like I said, she already knew I had more than catching up on my mind, and was so patient and happy about me putting my trust in her about my empathic and intuitive abilities. And let me tell you, this is just the beginning of her patience with me. She told me about Trailblazing Communications and how it helped her with her gifts as well and it would be something for me to think about. We kept in touch and she would always check in to see how I am doing and reminding me about Trailblazing Communications and the classes that were offered. Me always declining, money issues, time issues living an hour away, saying I’d catch the next class, just plain stubbornness on my end.

Then, on a Saturday afternoon in the winter, about a year later, she was coming to town with Tara and another friend, Shannon to do some shopping and so I met up with them for lunch. Ever so patient, she brought up going to classes again. Once again, I declined, worried about money, time, etc. Not only was she was so understanding, she was helpful when I was having problems and reached out to her throughout the winter. She did some shifting sessions for me, taught me meditation techniques and how to make my safety bubble. She helped me even though I was being extremely stubborn and could’ve learned to do this all for myself. This continued on for a total of 3 years. Like I said, I am the most stubborn person you will ever meet.

Finally, this last spring, I took their first online class. At first I was nervous, scared and didn’t know what to expect. So worried about if it was the right decision and I’m not going to lie, I was having buyers remorse. With each week that went by and each class we had, learning how to shift the negative to the positive, I could feel something happening.

Freedom. Freedom from self-doubt. Freedom from negative self-talk. Freedom from anxiety. Freedom from worry. Freedom from past abuse. My freedom came layer by layer, like an onion, one thing cause and effect from the other. I’m not saying I still don’t deal with these issues from time to time, because I do and guess what, I am human, we are human. Now, for the first time in my life, I have the tools to guide me through labyrinth of doodie life throws my way. The cherry on top of it all, I have the tools to help me communicate with the things that bring me the most joy, the flora and fauna, specifically my animal companions, both past and present. I have such tears of gratefulness for this gift and those who have helped me mend and strengthen the branches that were broken. All I want in life, all I have ever wanted is to bring a smile to someone’s face, a wag to a tail or peace to anothers’ heart.

We are all a continuous work in progress; learning, conquering, failing, living. Life is a winding road, with each curve opening the door to be unstoppable to your true self. What an amazing journey it is. Be unstoppable.

“She was unstoppable.
Not because she didn’t have failures or doubts,
but because she continued on despite them”
~ Beau Taplin”

Kari W. Block

Kari W. Block

Founder & CEO of Earthkind

I purchased the Trailblazing Communications Business Program nearly one year ago, and the impact it has made on my business has been remarkable. I have used it for simple decisions such as what color to paint the office walls to things as complex as defining our marketing strategy, marketing materials, social media and company image to get the more done in less time, with better results.

Overall, the program has been a really great tool to help us prioritize what to focus on, and when, in our fast growing business where everything feels like a priority and resources are limited.

Awesome Client

Awesome Client

“A couple months ago Marilyn started trailblazing with my nonverbal ASD son (with his permission) to help him tell me what he needs.

Our main goals were to help him speak (verbally), help him sleep, and help him eat (feeding aversion).

L started by telling us he wanted probiotics. It’s something we always talked about doing but we were not consistent with it. We started putting some in his milk daily, and he took it like a champ. After a couple times of letting him watch us put it in his milk he started getting it out of the refrigerator himself. After we started the probiotic he went on a liquid diet for a month. My belief is to let his body rid of toxins to let the probiotics work. When he came out of the liquid diet he was trying several different foods he hadn’t before.

L would not wear his pendant. I put it under his mattress. He avoided sleeping in his bed. He told Marilyn that he wanted it moved. I then put it under my mattress and he slept peacefully in his bed and mine.

He told Marilyn The energy in my home was very negative. Marilyn got the image that it was electrical, and to her astonishment I told her there were power lines going up across the street. He told Marilyn about household energy while my husband and I have been struggling to connect. L would face my husband and I together and encourage hand holding, face to face and hugging. The energy always shifted with Marilyn clearing the household space.

With all the shifting I saw him come alive. More eye contact. More connection. More words.

My family was nervous/skeptical thinking there was a way to communicate without words, at a deeper level that is. I had to follow my heart and open up to believing. Why not?? Nothing bad was going to happen and I would only have something to gain. The response from my son was well worth that bit of belief. There’s something to be said about a soul who feels understood. A peace comes.

Trailblazing has helped the nonverbal be heard. And helped us connect on a soul level. Thank you, Marilyn and Trailblazing Communications.”