Trailblazing Communications Well-ness Revolution Protocol


This protocol provides information that allows the work you do with the Trailblazing Whole Life System to reach even further.  It helps you further pinpoint your focus of the energy shifting process to help your sessions be the most powerful and precise as they can be.  You need to have the digital app or physical program binders to utilize the Wellness Protocol.

This protocol is  delivered to you upon purchase via a PDF file that you can download and print at home or at a professional or retail printer.  It is recommended that you place your pages in page protectors and put in a 3-ring binder.  We recommend using tabbed page protectors that extend beyond the standard 8 ½ X 11 page size for the section divider pages for quick view and ease of use.  The pages will print out in the order needed to assemble accurately.  You can purchase the protocol on this website or it comes free with your registration and payment to attend any of our Skills and Use Classes.  We have a class in our cue that shows you how to assemble and use the Wellness Protocol in your energy shifting work.

Please note: Refunds not available for this purchase due to the nature of the delivery.  You will be limited to one download.  To download the Protocol you will click on the word “Protocol” in purple on the order details page (location indicated in photo below by the green star).  The order details page will also be emailed to you where you can also download it if you are not prepared to download it immediately.  You will only be able to download it once, and it will only be available to download for 3 days. The whole PDF is 120 pages.






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