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LOCATION: Comfort of Your Home via a Zoom Call

TIME: 8pm-9:30 or 10 CST

DURATION: 12 Weeks

Are you ready to answer the questions WHY? And HOW? We stopped asking WHY when we were little because we heard “because that’s why” or adults didn’t have the answer and maybe just shut us down. The Trailblazing Communications System can help you find out the answers to the WHY’s and HOW’s? When we get playful and back into a place of possibilities and wonder we can make great changes. Here are some examples of real issues that the Whole Life System can help answer and solve.

Why am I locking my keys in my car over and over again and how can I stop doing this?
Why am I setting goals and never achieving them? How can I be more accountable to what I want?
Why does my unborn baby kick when I read a book? How can I know my baby’s needs better?
Why does my right knee hurt? How can I make it stop?
Why is my dog peeing on the floor? How can I get him to go to the bathroom outside?
Why is my cat obsessed with my daughter? How can I get the cat to stop?
Why can’t I get rid of extra junk in my home? How can I let go of this clutter?
Why can’t I retain employees at work? How can I make the good ones stay?
Why am I fighting with my spouse? How can I just relax in my relationship?
Why can’t I get rid of these dandelions? How can I get rid of them naturally?
Why can’t I manifest whatever I desire? How can I finally enjoy abundance?
Why can’t I release weight? How am I ever going to be thinner?
Why do I feel so stressed out? How can I let go of my mind chatter and negative thoughts?
Why don’t I feel fulfilled in my job? How can I change what I do without feeling afraid?
Why don’t I know what my life purpose is? How do I figure that out?
Are you ready to find out the WHY’s and the HOW’s? Guess what, when we find out the Why, the HOW is easy when we can shift out the old stuck energy around it. When energy moves people, things and situations change and our bodies, lives and our health improves.

Let’s get started today, won’t you join us?

The investment for this class is $535 include:
• Protocol value $125 for free

Must have purchased the digital app for $150 monthly subscription fee-plus a one time fee for a pendant and pendulum.

Spots are limited

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