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Why Is Trauma Important?

How we experience trama depends on how we perceive, experience, process, respond or react to it. Our bodies respond to our experience of trauma by adjusting energy. Our bodies are energetic systems. In order to be healthy the energy in our bodies needs to be in constant motion. When it is not, that is when issues set in. Those issues can be with emotions, mental patterns, health, relationships, situations, or spiritually. When we struggle with the trauma in our lives our energy flow can become blocked, stagnant, stuck or non-existent. When there is not flow it is not long before pain, emotional or physical, feeling and/or being stuck, health issues, relationship issues, depression, anxiety and so much more can set in.

This is where our tools come in. Having access to and using our system on a daily, weekly or regular basis addressing the trauma in yours and your loved ones’ lives as you experience the trauma is a sure-fire way to be in the flow, stay in the flow and experience better health, joy and abundance and be free to do and be how you want and dream to be. Old inherited trauma, growing up trauma and current trauma all play a very active and powerful role in our lives in all ways.

We want to help you eradicate suffering in all ways on all levels because when you do, you bring others along with you and that is how we change the world by working on ourselves and being the best version of ourselves. That is when we inspire and motivate others to do the same. We at Trailblazing Communications® also know that suffering comes with a lack of abundance in the form of money. We have taken care of that too with a very progressive, generous and easy to use and share affiliate program. When you do well and share that with others and they want to join you and do well also, you both are rewarded. It really is that easy!!

We hope that you are excited and inspired by what we have shared with you and decide to say yes to a Ph.D. in you and a yes to living a more enriched and abundant life by saying not trauma and yes to yourself and decide to take this journey with us.