No need to suffer blog – by Tara Argall, M.Ed, “The Suffering Slayer” and Founder and Creator of Trailblazing Communications

Tara Argall, M.Ed, has been around the block a few times in the 5+ decades that she has been on this planet.  She has tried and done many things.  Included in her life resume:  she is a mom of two grown children, and has been married to her first husband for most of her adult life.  Tara is an accomplished artist, working in many different mediums, and is an animal communicator and has been for all of her life.  She recently ended her 20+ year gig as a mental health counselor working in private practice to pursue her passion in energy medicine. Versed in many energy modalities which includes Reiki, Bodytalk, myofascial release, homeopathics, essential oils and Bach flower essences.  She loves to be outdoors, hang with her husband, adult children and her multiple of fur babies.  The number changes depending on whomever wanders on the property.  Tara and her husband’s goal is to have many adventures and are typically one bad decision away from being their communities next double silver alert.  Tara is the founder and creator of The Trailblazing Communications Whole Life System® and sees her mission to be solely and collectively with Trailblazing Communications® a “Slayer of Suffering.”  She views most suffering as optional and finds most of what she focuses on is creating hope, insight and empowerment through everything that she undertakes.  Her blog focuses on and takes serious topics and makes them playful and approachable.

Oh man was I tired. I had just spent  4 1/2 hours plowing our large area from the 9 inches of snow we had just received. I had spent 2 hours the night before trying to stay a bit ahead of all the whiteness that was yet to come. We already had way too much snow and this addition was going to cause a great amount of stress to everything.  I am not normally the snow plow operator at my home. I am grateful to have a semi-retired husband who gladly takes on this job but this time he was out of town and the responsibility was mine.

I take on new challenges with a positive, “I can do this” attitude. This way of thinking has always served me well allowing me to feel and be competent and to always know that if I need to, I can take care of myself. I believe that this is important as we never know what curve balls life is going to throw at us.

Running the tractor and navigating how and where to move the snow took some thought and of course, trial and error. When we are learning we have to cut ourselves some slack. Never shoot for perfection but a job well done to the best of your ability.

I had some moments where I was not sure how to do the job but problem solved in the moment and I am excited to say everything went well. Even though I was tired at the end of my task, it was a good tired knowing that I could do it, I did do it and I could take care of myself in an otherwise difficult situation.

I truly believe that when we set ourselves up to be dependent on someone else for anything and everything, that we are letting ourselves down. It is okay to let others do certain jobs and to help us out but inevitably it is not healthy to not know how to take of the things that need taking care of in our lives and environments. It is okay to hire things done.  That is different. It is okay to job share with another. When we can ask others from a place of being able to do it ourselves but choosing to ask someone else to help is very different from asking someone, or telling someone to do it because we absolutely are not prepared or will not learn how to or challenge ourselves to try something new. We are being manipulative in a sense and setting ourselves up for desperation.

We need to stop being complacent about self-care, meeting our own needs, whether it is with regards to our bodies, environments or lives. We certainly are not meant to be islands living and doing things alone but I believe sharing tasks and responsibilities, knowing how to do the ones we defer to others, is healthy all the way around.

I have met people who do not know what bills their household has and where they get their services from.  I have met people who do not have a clue how much money they have in investments or in the bank. They are in doubt about life insurance and how things work or run in their lives. They do not know how to check their furnace filter or add water softener salt, etc. That I think is setting yourself up for stress, strain, pain and confusion at some other time.

Knowing that you are capable and trying new things is healthy for our overall sense of accomplishment and ability. Being empowered takes us out of a victim mentality that is not attractive on anyone. Being a victim sets yourself up for worry and stress that is totally unnecessary. If what you have on your plate is way over your head, then adjust your life, environment or situation so that it is manageable for you.

I have always had an interest in physical health. I learned about many complimentary practices in order to take care of some of the things that can come up at any time, such as when we get a cold, flu, injury or emotional state of being. I learned about many different aspects of self-care such as homeopathics, essential oils, flower essences and Trailblazing Communications energy work. I have found that these tools have served me and my family, human and animal, very well over the years. I have saved myself a lot of money, worry, stress and at times have saved my animals lives, all without having to depend on or wait for someone else. I am not saying that I would not call the vet, doctor or other service provider. I am saying that a lot of things we run to the doctor, vet, counselor or other practitioners for we could potentially handle ourselves with some knowledge and the right tools. I love the feeling of being able to navigate these things for myself.

I would like to challenge you today to think of areas of your life that you have deferred to others that you could maybe learn about and start to think about trying it for yourself. It doesn’t mean that you would always have to do that thing. It would just be allowing yourself to have the feeling of empowerment and awareness that if you HAD to, you could and would.

What areas of your life do you not know what you maybe ought to know about? What would you need to do, what questions would you need to ask and so on. Take control of your life and see how it feels. Being empowered is a very cool feeling and I think people who are empowered are more vibrant and alive. I really like to be around those kind of people as they seem to be happier, healthier and more alive. Give it a try, why don’t you?