Do you suffer from Paralysis by Analysis?

When you think about doing or trying something new, do you find yourself overthinking your plan, waiting for the perfect time or do you struggle with what others may think about or how they may perceive you if you do not do it perfectly. Are you often side-lined due to waiting until you have things perfectly figured out, just to find out that you maybe are not even sure what the perfect plan would look like?
Do you often experience anxiety and tightness in your chest when you even think about stepping out of the box that you find yourself living in?  Would you use the word anxiety to describe how you often feel when you ponder doing or experiencing new things or even old things?
Well if you relate to any of these scenarios, you probably suffer from paralysis by analysis and may need a little dialysis for your paralysis. What I am referring to is needing to pump a little new blood into the mix to create a new perspective or approach to how you do things in your life.
When we don’t feel empowered, inspired or fear what others may say or think, we have handed our power over to others in some shape or form. There are probably as many origins to this situation as there are solutions. I want to talk about a few of the solutions with you today.
Solution 1: Digging in a bit to determine who may have played a role in convincing you to give your power away in the first place.  This is not to place blame but to be able to look at the source and maybe envision taking that power back once you realize this decision to give your power away was a trained or learned response that you can un-train yourself around. Often we learn perfectionism from a parent or someone that we have spent a lot of time around. It also could be a genetic pattern that was passed to you through DNA at birth. In this case refer to solution #3.
Solution 2: Finding a way to reclaim your power so that you can ride that power into whatever arena it is that you would like to enter and push through the fear and uncomfortableness with a more open mind and less of an agenda of “how” it “should” go.
Solution 3:  Find the source of stuck energy that has this powerful hold on you and shift that energy, opening a space for feeling able to move in the direction of your goals and dreams.

All of these solutions are choices and processes that you can take but if the truth be known #3 would be my choice as it is the quickest, easiest, most effective and least painful ways to address matters of this nature.


The easiest and quickest energy approach that I know to address this is through the Trailblazing Communications Whole Life System. You can start today and In minutes you can identify the underlying cause to your paralysis and just as quickly can start shifting out the old patterns of thinking, believing and doing that keep you stuck.  You will not have to figure anything out, the system will do it for you and you will be able to shift through this for yourself and for your loved ones as well. If this was passed to you through DNA, it is just as likely that you passed it on to your kids as well. Imagine helping them through it sooner rather than later, so that they are not robbed from all the paralysis like you may have been. Honestly, without a system such as Trailblazing Communications, you would never know whether it came through your DNA or not.


Paralysis by analysis may sound like a funny situation but it is far from a funny situation. Many lives are put on hold, left behind, and suffer in silence as they watch others reach for the stars and attain goals and dreams and experience joy in the process. Leaving you wondering when your ship or knight in shining armor is going to show up. If you never shift this situation, it never will.  That is the truth of the matter. Do not wait until you have missed most of your life to make the change. There is no time like the present and it really is not that hard.


Have you been left behind in paralysis and have judged yourself harshly? Well it isn’t your fault. It is due to stuck patterns of energy from beliefs, thoughts, painful experiences and so much more. Checkout Trailblazing Communications University on our website as you can now easily and in the privacy of your own home take our online classes using our high tech, easy to use digital app program. Classes can be taken on your own time at your own pace. You will also get to be a part of our wonderful and supportive Trailblazing Communication Tribe via a closed Facebook group for ongoing connection and support to others working on their paralysis and many other situation like it. You need no prior experience of knowledge to start or be good at doing this. We have very young kids doing it like pros.


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We would love to have you join us and give yourself some dialysis for your paralysis and get on with living the life of your dreams. We look forward to seeing you soon.