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Bullying has come to be the hot topic these days hasn’t it?  We wonder how can we stop bullying?  How can we change the statistics of people that have so much potential and life that keep on taking their own lives?  How just how can we change this?

This happened recently.  This is main stream TV.  These are adults.  This is what a lot of people watch.  These are the trend setters and influencers for adults and kids.

In this video Edie Falco is being interviewed about an upcoming movie. Edie is an amazing person so please do not take this as if I am saying otherwise. She is on national television and she is being interviewed about her movie and they are talking about her life.

Edie has in the past, been an animal communication client of mine, several times.  I have been to her home and met her and her animals face-to-face. She has written me testimonials. I have painted a painting for her of her now past soul dog, Marley. Watch the interview knowing this.  Interview regarding this article starts at the 3:50 mark.

edie Falco

Tara, Edie, Sami & Marilyn at Edie’s home in New York

painting of marley

Painting of Edie’s dog Marley created by Tara

After watching how Seth Meyers bullies Edie about hiring a pet psychic she backs down and downplays that she is a big fan of animal communication, how helpful it was and how amazing it was for her to know her dying dog Marley better and her last wishes. How she was able to understand the quirks, wants and needs of her new adopted shelter dog Sami. She was not able to say that this woman from ND that worked with her does this as a big part of her profession and is very professional about it and yes in fact she did pay me for all of my services.  Folks this is how bullying keeps going. We, the adults, need to put our big people pants on and talk our talk and walk our walk and not back down to others who may think and believe differently. We model that if someone is forceful enough or brazen enough that they will prevail and things will go their way. Kids look to us for how to behave in these situations and we all look to people like Seth and Edie to model how to play nice in the sandbox.  Heck look at how our president conducts himself.

Folks, it may seem small to say that what you believe in, say at the coffee shop with a friend, or stand up for yourself in a polite and powerful manner at the customer service counter in front of our kids or set a healthy boundary with the angry person, but people remember that every time you say, do and behave in a manner that not only honors you but the others in the situation you are facilitating change.

Edie is a champion for PETA. She absolutely loves animals. She lobbies for them and works hard to help them but I have to say not honoring the belief that she holds knowing that they do have a strong voice, that her dog was her best friend and that she was devastated when she passed and not taking a moment to say Seth animals do talk and that having the opportunity to hear their voice was a big deal for me, is caving to Seth’s bullying and the animals just suffered a big loss.

In the work that I do with Trailblazing Communications, I offer tools to folks to be able to communicate with their animal companions and also with the people in their lives that are non-verbal. When I see people without a voice and have no one to champion for them it hurts my heart. It hurts their hearts.

Until we champion for the individual and the unique voices of each and every animal to be heard and for each and every person with a disability who sits in a wheelchair waiting to be noticed with respect, until we realize that what we see is not what is there, all beings without a voice suffer in silence and their causes go unnoticed and millions of lives go unwitnessed.  It is not until people hear those voices will they be able to change their old worn out views that animals have no souls and are just dumb packages of fur there for our taking and exploitation. Until you hear that young lady in the wheelchair tell you she has dreams to change the world you will continue to see her not as a functioning, feeling and thinking individual but just a person with a disability.

When are people going to take the time, have the courage and the strength to stand up to the bullies and model for our children and the rest of the world that stifling someone else’s (people and animals) voice, beliefs, dreams etc is holding us all back and hurting us all?

I have had animals give me business advice and parenting help. I have animals tell my clients about how to handle an abusive spouse. They have warned their people about their kid’s friends not being very good influences. I have had a young lady in a wheelchair who cannot verbally speak help me organize the materials in one of the Trailblazing Communications modules and solved a problem I was struggling with in a matter of minutes. Her family was told that she did not function much higher than an infant processing level. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Until we give all a voice equally and powerfully we will be clueless to all the potential within ourselves and all other sentient beings. I do not hold a grudge at Edie for not speaking up but I am sad for her, for Seth and for all of us that that interview did not go differently in front of millions of people. That there was a teaching moment that was lost. How many have you missed or let go of today?

Speak up, know what you believe in and talk your talk and walk your walk. Model respectful relationships always.  Start with yourself. Talk nice to you, to me, to them to everyone. Push the domino and watch it travel. Stop being silent, stop setting bad examples, start setting empowered examples and watch us all change. Bullying changes start with the adults not with the kids.

Everyone is watching and waiting!!!!