energetic accountability

Envision with me if you will a very complex mobile (the kind that hangs on the corner of a porch with multiple chains or strings hanging from it completely balanced and all sections moving in unison).  I would like you to visualize that each string hanging from it is someone in your life, friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, animal companions and even strangers you have never met.  This is the best analogy I can give to represent how we are connected to each other energetically to the rest of the world.  This disconnectedness has been called a matrix.

When we are connected to something /someone we affect that something/someone with every breath we take, with every thought we think, every action we take and with every word we utter.


We are energetic beings and so our self-care whether it is the food we eat or don’t eat, the exercise we do or don’t do, the energetic company we keep (environment is powerful), the thoughts we think about ourselves and so on affects the whole mobile. When you tap one part of the mobile the whole thing moves in reaction to the initial touch. Life is exactly like that.

We are energetically accountable to every single someone and thing. It is no accident that animals take on their humans mental, emotional and physical energies. If an animal in your home is sick, I guarantee you that whatever that illness is is either prevalent in someone else in the house or will be soon.


When we think we are only hurting ourselves by not taking care of ourselves emotionally, physically and spiritually think again. You are accountable to me and I to you. I owe it to others to be fiscally responsible with my self-care because if I am not, I affect you.

Knowing this has propelled me into realizing that taking time for myself and treating myself kindly and lovingly is far from selfish. It is actually a wonderful thing I do for me and for you. When I am at my best I invite you in that same space. When we both do that our kids, families, neighbors, animal companions and even strangers are positively affected even if they have no awareness of what we are doing.

Instead of going out of your way to be selfless to care for others, first start with supreme self-care and let that spread like a beautiful wild fire of self-love. If everyone just loved themselves and expressed it daily the world would change beautifully overnight.

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